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July 1999



Only that to which YOU give power can have power over you.

You may not like that thought but it is very true.  This is where TV has caused so much havoc.  Something that happens to just one person is suddenly multiplied by thousands, then hundreds of thousands then by millions, accepting the incident within themselves and the stream of consciousness flows through them all including you.  Now you can accept it and join with the horrors or refuse to accept it within yourself and create a reverse action.

Just the statements by one person about Tucson getting worse for crime will make it multiply. But, the reverse is the same. A positive statement by one person can also multiply, could we not do this ourselves, wherever we are. Let us see how.

You may not have thought that acceptance of violence would bring violence into your life. The key word there is accept . . . Today we are mesmerized by floods of words, sounds, and sights.  We become afraid of everything that man says, for tomorrow he changes.  There is a good deal of praying for victory, for a nation, a team, or a person - regardless of the fact that God is no respecter of person or nation.  Praying for relief from ACCEPTED evil will give us nothing for it seems too hard for the human society to throw off what it has seen or heard.

Warring seems a natural function of human thought, and goes on eternally between nations, tribes and family members. We still judge from appearances, but by moving to a higher consciousness we can look with unconditional love beyond the appearance. There is one thing that we forget. GOD Is Omnipresent.   "if you make your bed in hell, there am I."

When ARE we going to accept that God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.   The things of the spirit are there for our natural acceptance.  We do not have to accept violence, and crime or wars within our consciousness.

Things that our ancestors thought supernatural are today perfectly natural.   Lightening was an evil power that God used to punish an evildoer.   Today we harness it and use electricity at the flick of a switch.   Who a few years ago could even wonder at cyber-space, today it is just a generation between wonder and knowledge. This leads us to question what other powers are available to man naturally instead of super-naturally.   Jesus of Nazareth came with a conscious knowledge that the so-called super-natural law, which had apparently been used only to work ‘miracles ’, was a perfectly natural capacity to the awakened man.   And he told us so. 'These things I do ye shall do.' . . . So why do we give our power away?

He knew that within each of humankind lay this consciousness - a Permanent Identity, a Higher Consciousness, which is the point of contact between God and each of us.  The moment he came into this consciousness he was able to release these so-called powers with the same ease that a child could flood a skyscraper with light by throwing a switch.

This is why we have to look a little closer to what some of the super-natural occurrences or miracles really tell us.  Are we giving power to things that we do not really need in our lives.

One tale is that of Lazarus - supposedly dead for four days and raised by a miracle.  In the light of the Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries we find that to be 'dead' meant to be excommunicated.  His real name was Simon Magus, he had been a pope to the Essenes and was given the full treatment, dressed in funeral clothing, placed in a special tomb. This practice was actually carried on down through the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church. The excommunication had been rescinded but Simon Magus could only be released by a Levite of his level, this was Jesus, even though it would put him in danger because of Simon Magus' association with the Zealots.  He still finally went and brought him up out of the tomb.

There are many of these stories being put into mythical terms to create a wondrous event out of something natural.  For he said 'these things I do YE shall do'.   Was he talking about the supernatural performance rather like David Copperfield or did he mean that the handling of the powers of the Universe, such as electricity, would be perfectly natural.

So can this power be used negatively as well a positively?. . . It certainly can.  If it can be used to create crime and wars then it can bring forth the good as well.  So why should one who becomes conscious of the God within, putting themselves in alignment with that God, be surprised when 'manifestations' come forth in their life.

Nothing is impossible . . . is a law as natural and as probable to the consciousness which enters into recognition of its true identity as any natural law is to the so-called natural man.

We are told to 'consider the lilies of the field'.   [Consider is to contemplate - intend.  "We intend our mind before we think." As Hegel says.] What do we achieve when we contemplate - we become aligned with what we are contemplating?

Let us take the steps - See first a flower, a rose or a lily
We become aligned with the beauty of the lily
We become aligned with the source of that beauty
We become aligned with the source of all things
Our consciousness moves into that level
And beauty becomes manifest in our lives.

Put money into that process and you have a millionaire.  BUT put violence or loss into that process and what will you have? This is why you do have power - and it must be used wisely.   You can change the world by NOT accepting within yourself, by not constantly contemplating the evils of this world.  Why is there this sudden rash of children shooting up their schools????

Why are we giving these events so much power? You give the answer.

I look at the Tibetans and wonder how all their OHMING has brought their country peace.  How with all the yoga and meditation of the people of India, has it brought their country peace - they still burn unwanted brides and children or put them to slave work.  The American Indian for all their dances and chanting, has it improved their lot.  The American people - have they brought peace within their borders by praying and holding rallies?

Let us not give power to the dark side of life.  There was a very simple instruction given to us, "consider the lilies, how they grow." What law clothed the lily in such beauty, God's world is awesomely wonderful, yet mankind seems determined to go his own way distorting life.

We CAN make a difference ...  just have the eyes to see and ears to hear.   See the wonders of this earth - hear the voice within.  Hear the harmony of God.  Let God be God in you... The full quote of that from Meister Eckart is . . .  "Where your mortal self ends, there God begins to be, God asks only one thing of you, that you dethrone the creaturely self and let Him be God in you."

            Take back your power!

                       Bless you as you do it.



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October 1999


There was once a father with a child who had been possessed since he was little.  He had asked the disciples to help, but they could not.  Eventually he came to Jesus saying, "If thou canst do any thing have compassion on us and help us?".  Jesus classic reply was, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him who believeth."  The father cried out, "Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief."  (Mark 9:22)

There is perpetual surprise expressed by Jesus, that people still doubted the power of the Presence to set aside congealed human thought.  Why do you say, 'Possibly', or 'If you can?'

There is nothing impossible to God. . God is the 'doer' of the impossible.  For when a thing becomes 'impossible to us' it is then possible to God.

If it appears impossible to you, it is because you have utilized every bit of human wisdom you have in an attempt to move it, and at last you have come to the extremity of human thought.  It is then that "Man's extremity is God's opportunity!"  When man is at his wit's end, he is in a position where God-Power can do the impossible, because that is the nature of 'God the Doer of the impossible'.  But, many arrive at their extremity and STILL hold on or die 'kicking against the pricks', fighting the appearances which they think are real and true.

As a situation in the human picture appears immovable, or a condition impregnable, there is a way of entering into higher consciousness, 5th dimension or Fathership degree.  Or, as Walter Lanyon calls it, "a secret conspiracy with Jesus" to come through it all, an that without the 'smell of fire on your garments' as in the story of Daniel in the furnace.

There does not have to be a fight, though there may be some confusion _"yet shall it not come nigh thee - yea even though ten thousand fall at thy right hand."  This just means that the soul becomes still enough to hear and understand the indestructible nature of Spirit.  (By the way, 'ten thousand' is mentioned by Lao-Tzu in the Tao Te Ching.  There, it is the 10,000 things meaning materiality).

The ways of God are past finding out.  The manner and means through which new light come to each of you is not our understanding, but in the care of God.

Nothing is impossible to God.  He has the WAY.  Why do you think Jesus said, "I am the Way"?  He was SHOWING you the Way.

The ways of manifestation are completely out of our hands.  When we try to 'make it so' it just does not work out.  We are to be concerned as to how the Signs will come into manifestation, only with the fact that they will, -  and usually in the most unexpected way.

BUT - stop looking for the signs - stop looking for fulfillment, for all these things are already done and complete in God and are only awaiting our recognition to come forth the into manifestation (not demonstration).

Time after time we are directed back to the contemplation of God.  Father Keating's Benediction says; "Thinking is the manhole cover that prevents the unconscious coming through to the conscious."

Time after time we are directed back to the contemplation of God.  I, many times, have talked about the difference between the two.  Using not meditation, which has gone awry through new age disciplines, but contemplation.
Just observe:

Consider the lilies of how they grow,
Consider the flower  its beauty
its source                        
      the source of all things
the Godhead

Why should we contemplate God?  Because until we do, we are not in the consciousness that allows us to know that 'all things are possible to God'.  Therefore possible to YOU as you recognize the reality of the Changeless Presence, available wherever you are and in whatever condition.

Emma says that:

"Facing thee there is no evil on my pathway.
There is no matter with its laws.
There is no loss, no lack no deprivation, no absence.
There is nothing to fear for there is no power to hurt.
There is neither sin, nor sickness, nor death.
Because thou art the Unconditioned and the Absolute, I
       also am Unconditioned and the Absolute.
Because thou art Omnipotent Free Spirit, I also am
       Omnipotent Free Spirit."

We cannot possibly remain in any adverse condition when we steadfastly face God, recognizing the Presence.

Go back to the story of the father of the child, '. . .if thou canst do anything', - have compassion on us, and help us - if you can! -  help! -  Compassion!

Is this not groveling at the feet, in this case, of Jesus?
  But, do we not do the same thing in our prayers?
    Why do we degrade the power of God to OUR image of God?

Everything CAN take place because it has already taken place in the Life of your Perfect Identity.

Parallel with the Divine Destiny, you are traveling along in the weird human fate, which you have brought upon yourself by going you own sweet way.  By ignoring the Presence of God as something actual and there beside you, around you, as well as within you.

Meister Eckhart says,

The only true and perfect will is the one that has been merged with the will of God.  And the more it is so, the more the man himself blends into God . . . Indeed, one step taken in surrender to God is better than a journey across the ocean without it.  Thus perfectly to have given up one's own is to be merged with God, and then anyone who will touch the man must first touch God, for he is wholly within God and God is around him, as my cap is around my head, and to touch me one must first touch my clothing.

There is so much more when you awake to the realization that recognition of the Presence of God, moves you into the Father consciousness, Fatherhood degree, or Permanent Identity.  Moves you into alignment with the God Power and the Divine Destiny that is already there for you.

People think you have had an instant demonstration - but no, you have brought into manifestation what was already there.  Before you ask it shall be given unto you, remember it is already done.

When you contemplate a flower, or even a tree, you are praying.  For the Word prayer comes from the Sanskrit Pal-al meaning to be awesomely made.  Just think, how awesome is a red cedar tree from California?

Let us put you in the place of the father in our story.  Your son appears to be a lunatic.  You have been to every doctor, healer, teacher, leader, organization and book, and still nothing has happened.  You may even have been to Lourdes to see what Mary can do.  So now to God - 'what can you possibly do'?

But see how the thinking is trying to bring God down to the human level of thought.  The work we have to do is to bring ourselves to the alignment with God, recognize the power of God as completely possible.  Else why tout the words Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent if they do not mean anything to you.

Does the 91st Psalm have any meaning for you?  Really follow through with the recognition that:

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."

The rest are the promises of God to be our shield and buckler AS we allow it to be so.  Bless you as you do it.



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