January 2001


It is the lesson of most ancient teaching that when one knows that the actual Self of him is indestructible, unchangeable, never yielding to imperfection, he knows that all he need to know. That self of him has begun its office of proving its excellence, and soon will put the shadow of itself, so that as shadow, it is lost in the beauty and perfectness of the real substance or its true self.

Hufeland, body physician to the King of Prussia, agreed that "the real self, which is what we do not see, is never sick, and cannot be sick."

To speak of perfection, is to begin to prove it. Health sits in as a first sign of spirituality.

All physical things are the semblance only - the outpicturing - of things not yet shown. "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face."

Then if matter be but the unreal semblance of the real thing or entity, it is easy to say matter is nonentity; and nonentity is nothingness. Why then be troubled by the logical conclusion - the statement that physical things are nothing?

The whole business of the real self is to show itself - to make itself manifest.

As a shadow is grotesque, distorted, when the sun is low, so is the physical self when it does not acknowledge Truth. But when the sun is in its zenith, the shadow is lost. So when Truth absolute is spoken of ourselves, the physical lets go its claim, and the spiritual shines over and through us, and around us, glorifying us and all things to us. "The mortal puts on immortality."

"Let you light shine" means, let your trues self stand forth by telling Truth.

People complain that they do not understand the Science. Have they worked to deserve understanding? Have they, with the word of their speaking, silent or audible, rejected the claims of mortal mind respecting their fellow-men and themselves, till all evil and undesirable conditions are as blank to them as to Swedenberg's angels, to whom only the good of each e being is known? Do they speak only of the true and deathless excellence of life and mind, or do they fret at the misery and folly so visible to the children of darkness?

Perception of Good, which is understanding, never comes clear to us, nor makes potent our effort, till our persistent word of Truth has had its sway with us over and beyond all temptations to speak of foolishness and evil.

Emma Curtis Hopkins - Class Lessons 1888

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