July 2000

God's Plan

Recently I was again asked, how did I get where I am? What sequence of events brought me to this place in my life? I have always felt that everything happens for a reason. The most convincing example of that was the birth of my first child, Katrina. Born twelve weeks early she had many trials throughout her 16 years here with us. But, this little girl touched so many lives, in so many wonderful ways. It has often made me stop and marvel at ‘God’s plan’.

I have spent the last two years working with pregnant and new mothers (and fathers). I also helped start a Breastfeeding Support Group that has become quite a success. It took not only my education, but also the experiences of having 5, and still raising 4, children.

Now I embark on a new adventure. We have recently moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Beavercreek, Ohio (adding my husband’s other two daughters to our brood!). With me, I brought all the experiences of the last two years. So I made a call to the Air Force Base Clinic, offering my services as I had in Cheyenne. The woman I spoke to was overjoyed at the prospect. The wheels are now in motion for implementing a Group here, and there is more in the works. But it didn’t stop there. She invited me to attend a Breastfeeding Coalition Meeting with her. I accepted, and found myself exactly where I was meant to be.

We walked into a conference room with a large table and 7 women seated around it. I was introduced, and then totally included. There was no ‘new person’ attitude. I had offered myself, and so I was there.

In today’s world we find that there is so much mistrust and suspicion. With all that I have been through, good and bad, with my children, I have been directed to a place where simply walking in the door is enough. I spent the next two hours having new doors open, seeing what wonderful new experiences lay ahead. As always, everything is in Divine Order, and “God’s plan” IS in action.

Annemarie Rogers Halfpap



Oct. 2000