July 2001


This is an argument that continues on and on. If you go back far enough to even the ancient times of Lemuria, as I mentioned in my article in April, you will find there the one God in charge of all.

But, if we come to more recent times, we find there are two streams of activity - the spiritual and the psychological. The spiritual comes down through Swedenborg, Warren Felt Evans to Emma Curtis Hopkins. The psychological comes down via the psyche through Quimby and Mary Baker Eddy. The first was to see the God 'back of all that is' just as Jack Holland and Sig Paulson gave their definition of LOVE as "to see the Good or God back of" seeing beyond appearances.

So Emma's first chapter of Scientific Christian Practice equates God with Good. Looking to the 5th Dimension.

The other stream follows the activity of mind over matter, never really going beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions of body and mind, of belief in cause and effect. The first is the God 'back of' that manifests, the other stream is the tools to bring about a demonstration.

Today we seem to have made the tools predominant, looking to demonstrations from 'treatment'. Following all kinds of weird disciplines to bring results in the material world.

I have recently, finally, found a book of Warren Felt Evans printed out on the internet. There has been one in the Old Books section at an exorbitant price, and in bad condition. I may now be encouraged to get them no matter what the cost and condition. For here is this incredible soul who started out with a physician's license from Dartmouth, became a Methodist Minister, and found Swedenborg's writings. He then realised that here was a way to help people bring forth their God Health, and became a Swedenborg minister. But, like many of us even today - fell sick and did not seem to be able to make it work for himself. He heard of Quimby, and was helped by him. Then went on to establish a clinic that combined the spiritual with some of the tools of Quimby. Isn't this shades of the times of old when the priest and doctor were one and the same.

Unfortunately, today we seem to have separated the two and the medical profession has taken one route and the religious another. The twain are beginning to come together in scattered cases, but there is still the emphasis on the wholeness of 'mankind', with the spirit just taking a background part instead of being allowed to be the prime mover.

What was it that became lost since those incredible times of the 1860's - 1890's when the searching to find the cause of the ills of mankind was so profound?

Today we want a quick fix, watch TV guru's, go to Seminars on all aspects of our lives now split into a dozen streams.

No one seems to want to make the God Presence a part of our daily life. Are we too ashamed of our thinking, words and actions to allow God back into our lives, for we are the ones who have departed? God has been there all the time, just waiting for the realization that 'The Presence' can resolve ALL of our self-created mistakes if we but "…dethrone the creaturely self and LET God be God in You" . I guess if there is any mantra, or basis of my life it is this one phrase of Meister Eckart's. It struck such a chord within me - so simple but not so easy to achieve.

We are always so impatient to get results that we will not "wait upon the Lord". We say to ourselves "God direct me." and then cannot wait long enough for God to comply, as if we had ordered room service or the Pizza and they were more than 30 minutes delivering. We then repeat and repeat the mantra thereby holding back the resolution of our desire.

So let us take a look at what Warren Felt Evan had to say in his The Mental Cure :

The very first paragraph of Chapter 1 sets out his premise, which has been carried down through the true New Thought Movement.

"All true philosophy (and isn't that what New thought was supposed to be, a philosophy - a way of life? - not shut up in a church) begins and ends in God, the fountain of all life, and love and truth. A correct knowledge of the soul involves of necessity, a true conception of the Divine Being. To sunder the human mind from Him, and then study its phenomena, is to discern only effects without rising to the higher and more satisfying knowledge of things in their prime causes. The latter alone constitutes true science and real philosophy."

Evans looks to Mental Hygiene - a cleansing process to allow spirit to flow. Emma does the same with her Denials - they are to cleanse the being BEFORE using affirmations to allow spirit to flow. Else we affirm what is already there and hold it in place. So was Evans one of the first to promulgate preventative medicine?

When are we going to realise that we are one unit, we are body mind and spirit working together, when we emphasize one above the other it is like a three legged stool with one leg shorter than the others - we fall flat on our rump and wonder why.

This is why I have included Emma Curtis Hopkins' covenants this time. To point up that we do not need to separate ourselves into parts - but to make God our one and only - 'to look steadfastly to Thee' and nowhere else for the source or our beingness.



Oct. 2001