Quotes from Evans last work Esoteric Christianity and Mental Therapeutics. published in 1886

Evans operated under a "Gnosis, or absolute interior knowledge and certitude of truth…"

"Each Immortal spirit, is … a direct emanation of the universal spirit… and is possessed of all the attributes of its parent source…"

" … sin and disease are no part of the immortal and real man"

"When we free ourselves from bondage to senses, we also emancipate ourselves from sickness."

"What we call disease is an apparent disorder of the body, which reflects an error existing in the mind, since it stems from spiritual sources alone, it can be eliminated only by eradicating from the soul, or the real man, the causes of the affliction. "… the real body of man,… is never diseased, for in its essence it is a divine, an indestructible, and immortal substance."

"… breathing we are connected with the Universal-Life-Principle."

we do not … "deny the fact of the disease, as a state of consciousness … the immortal Ego, the spiritual entity and real man, is neither diseased nor unhappy."

"For it is an established law of the divine order that a man must inevitably become outwardly what he is inwardly…"

["Here again we have a fundamental metaphysical element, without which his therapeutic principles would not have been possible. The natural man, the body, the outward and visible apparition, indeed exists: but it is only a projection into space of the spirit, the real and essential man. Whatever is present in the soul is reflected in its integument; and the latter appears or vanishes as it is created or abolished by the eternal reality of which the body is the shadow. All material manifestation, in fact, are simply outward forms assumed by the underlying spiritual esse."
quoted from "New thought Religion" by Martin A. Larson]

October 2001