July 2001

VOL. 14 #4


It is off to Congress on June 26th. This year it is in Las Vegas, not one of my favorite cities. But then, the Congress itself is what takes me there, and there is plenty to fill the spirit and mind this year.

I have devoted this issue to Warren Felt Evans, for he, like Emma Curtis Hopkins has been disregarded by present day advocates of New Thought (except for a few wise ones}.

When you go back to their teachings you see how the present day spin on the philosophy of New Thought has changed. It is almost beyond recognition in the name of bringing it 'up to date'.

I have included the Covenants of Emma Curtis Hopkins as a challenge. Dare you live up to those precepts? Dare you teach them?

I have just completed giving a Preliminary Seminar on 'The Gospels in the Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls'. Such interesting work and research making me even more prone to teach just the 'Gospel According to Thomas' as the sayings of Jesus without all the mythology and theology that has grown up around him over the centuries.

July also sees me off to Ohio for four weeks with my daughter and her family. I hope also to get to Colorado in September to see my new Granddaughter born just this month of May to my son Mark and his wife Billie. I love this 'snow-bird' aspect of life now.

Rev. Joanna

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