Oct. 2000


If we are lucky enough to find a belief system that works for us while we are here on planet earth, for the most part, we feel comfortable and at peace with ourselves. From our first understanding of life we are told that we must have faith in God or some higher power. Then New Thought comes along and tells us that we are God expressing. So we try to comprehend an almost incomprehensible idea. We run around telling everyone . . . Hey! I'm God. No wonder the world looks at us as though we have lost or minds. Yet in the beginning that is what all religions said, we are one with out Creator. In the Gospel According to Thomas; Jesus said, "Blessed are the solitary (One) and elect, for you shall find the kingdom; because you came from 'It', and you shall go there again" (from God we came and to God we shall return). From the Book of the Dead, "We came from the light, took on a coat of skins and we will return to the light."

Now there are those that are saying believing in God, and we are God expressing, is not enough anymore. We are now coming into a new era of development. This is a most wonderful time of understanding. The whole world is changing and at an accelerated rate. Right now before our eyes we are witnessing a new awareness of life. We are coming out of the Piscine age and going into the Aquarian age. We are all going through our own personal changes, for some it is chaos. As we are changing we see the world around us changing along with us.

We will no longer be satisfied having blind faith in God, or believing in a Supreme Being. We will struggle like the caterpillars fighting to get out of the cocoon to become butterflies. We will not be content until we know that we are God in expression, with every moment, every experience, with every tear, with every physical and mental pain, we will not forget all is in Divine Order. All is always perfect in our Creator's eyes. There will be no more excuses or blame for our life experiences, we will just accept God's will and grow, learn and be thankful for this life that we are expressing for our Father.

This is a simple idea and concept, not cluttered with human philosophies or a need to dissect every thought God puts into our heads. It is easy to understand this very basic principle. All is God . . .

Now comes the hard part . . . we live here on this seemingly imperfect planet with crime disease, pain, sadness and hatred. How can we know the truth of who we are, how can we believe in the theory of the oneness when everything around us is showing us that this is not true. How do we get from desperately needing to believe in God . . . to knowing that we are God expressing. For me the first step is having righteous Judgment, meaning that God has a plan and reason for everything, even the things I cannot understand. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no finding fault, only love, only God. Let us try to understand that there is only God's Will and "Thy Will be done". For every ounce of pain there are two ounces of joy. For every physical problem there is a new understanding of our oneness. For every tear that falls there is a closer alignment with that which created us. It is time now to get rid of the analyzing and the unanswerable questions. It is time now to allow God to do the work. So how do we get from believing to knowing . . . first love, for God is love. Then get ourselves (ego) out of the way, surrender unto God, and let His will be done! This means stop thinking in terms of separation, stop thinking that 'we' are in any way separated from our Creator. 

Life can make sense, it can be beautiful, fulfilling and happy, when we start to remember who we are. Remembering who we are is why we are here and our life experiences are how we remember. When we remember who we are, God expressing, then 'we will know our truth'. 

From Rev. 'Jo' Hill's book ' PIECES' - A journey of the soul.

Jan. 2001