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January 1999

All the functions of living beings are but response to something objective in the universe.  Always the universe was there first, and our powers and capacities are but our answer to it.  How can one suppose that the deeps in the human spirit are the only exceptions to this universal law?  In a world where lungs argue the priority of air, where eyes argue the priority of light, where the aesthetic instincts in man argue the priority of beauty, where scientific curiosity in man argues the priority of truth, how can it be that the deepest things in man - great fortitude, great love, great moral want, great devotion, deep insight - argue the priority of nothing?  It is preposterous . . . .

We started with profundity in man and saw it answered by profundity in God, but the deeper truth is that God came first, and all that is fine, true and beautiful in us is but our partial response to him . . . .  So today may the deep in the eternal call unto the deep in us, and may there be indeed in our spirit a depth to answer it.


April 1999


This little booklet by Christian D. Larson proved very helpful at a stressful time in my life. He inspired Ernest Holmes when he was starting out on his path of inner discovery. If you can find it do obtain it for the rest of the wonderful writing.

When we place our lives and our affairs under the direction of Infinite Wisdom, everything will be taken care of perfectly.  This we all can under-stand; and we know, as an inner conviction, that nothing could be more evident.  Indeed, it could not be otherwise.  It is something we know with a positive assurance.  It is something we may depend upon absolutely.  Out spiritual discernment declares it; and experience proves it unmistakably.  It is the outstanding promise of the high teachings of the ages; and, we go far to do this marvelous thing, when we think and say, with the whole of heart and soul, that “we leave it to God.”

There can be neither misstep nor error at such a time; and no ill can come nigh our dwelling.  Infinite Wisdom can guide and protect to the utmost.  the best will come to pass: and all things will work out in the most harmonious and most successful manner. Our needs will be provided for, promptly and adequately; and whatever our activities and aspirations may be, the outcome will be all that we could possibly wish for.  It must be so: for God is not limited in any way.   God does not postpone His goodness.

When we place our lives and affairs under the direction of Infinite Wisdom, everything will change for the better; troubles and ills will decrease, and then vanish completely; obstacles will be removed, and the way cleared for the achievements and the demonstrations that we have in mind.  Adversity will be transformed, and that which was against us will be for us.  The crooked will be made straight; and all our activities will be brought into adjustment with divine law.  All of this, and vastly more of like nature, we may expect when we leave it to God; when we place our lives and our affairs under the care and the guidance of the Spirit.

WE all have sought ways and methods through which we might find freedom and peace, health and abundance, harmony and strength, light and understanding; ways and methods through which we might meet life in the best way, and realize the greatest measure of the good that life has to give.  And, among the many ways and methods that have been found there is one that excels them all: leave it to God. All other methods have their service to perform, at the various steps and stages of our development; and they lead up to this greater method.   We praise them all therefore; but as soon as we possibly can, we should turn to this one method that is always supreme; we should learn the secret of this remarkable statement:  “leave it to God”.


July 1999


People say:  "Alas sir, but I would prefer to stand well with God, to have the devotion and divine calm of some people", or "I wish I could be like this or as poor as that."  Or they say:  "It will never do if I cannot be here or there and do thus and so.  I must get away - or go into a cloister or a cell."

The truth is that you yourself are at fault in all this and no one else.  It is pure self-will.  Whether you realize it or not, there can be no restlessness unless it come from self-will, although not every person understands this.  This is what I mean: people fly from this to seek that - these places, these people, these manners, those purposes, that activity - but they should not blame ways or things for thwarting them.  When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order.

People ought not to consider so much what they are to do as what they are; let them but be good and their ways and deeds will shine brightly.  If you are just, your actions will be just too.  Do not think that saintliness comes from occupation; it depends rather on what one IS.  The kind of work we do does not make us holy but we may make it holy.  However 'sacred' a calling may be, as it is a calling, it has no power to sanctify; but rather as we ARE and have the divine being within, we bless each task we do, who have not much of [God's] nature, they work in vain.

To the man who cleaves to God, God cleaves and adds virtue.  Thus, what you have sought before, now seeks you; what once you pursued, now pursues you; what once you fled, now flees you.  Everything comes to him who truly comes to God, bringing all divinity with it, while all that is strange and alien flies away.

Meister Eckhart


October 1999

Ancient Religions

"From the mists of the past thousands of years ago come out of Japan the name - Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami, the Heaven-Shining-Great KAMI.

The word Kami is a concept to conjure images of forests and snow-covered peaks, oceans with the rising sun glowing through the mist.

Kami is indeed the power that creates, sustains, governs and upholds everything in the Universe and BEYOND the universe.

Kami is God, and Kami are the gods.  Kami is the life essence, the force, the cause, the effect, the past, present, and future.  Space, time, spacelessness and timelessness - all is Kami.

The world was not just created by Kami but the world IS Kami, for there is no distinction between man and God, material and spiritual.  The same stream of consciousness flows in and through all."

(Excerpted from Marcus Bach's 'Major Religions of the World' used in the "Roots of Religion Course")

Sound familiar?  These are some of the principles that are taught today as NEW Thought - yet they appear not just 2000 years ago but 10,000 years in the past of Japan, as the foundation of their Shinto.

Indeed, there is nothing new in this universe of ours!

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