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An all-time favorite!

How to be Royally RichDr. Frederick RogersHow To Be Royally Rich
by Dr. Frederick Rogers

A power-filled book! 133 pages jam-packed with age-old techniques as new as tomorrow that you can put to work in your life right NOW!

Based on sound metaphysical principles to bring you PROSPERITY in your Spirit • Mind • Body • Relationship • Career • Health

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The Earl of Plenty
by Dr. Frederick Rogers

8 audio cassettes in case:

Plenty of Vitality
Plenty to Share and to Spare
Plenty to Express
Plenty of Health
Plenty of Success
Plenty of Confidence
Plenty of Money
Plenty of Happiness

Earl of Plenty

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(slightly shelfworn)

Charles Fillmore's
The Unreality of Matter

in booklet form $8.00

Unreality of Matter

It is astounding to see the scientific knowledge of Charles Fillmore.  The thesis, as he calls it, was printed in 1922, yet he has all the latest, for then, information on scientific experiments and theories not only in this country but Europe as well.  Many of these theories have proven themselves in this day.  Others were decried at that time and by-passed, but to a metaphysician they have great veracity.
The premise is that of proving the truth of the statement:  “There is no reality in matter.”   Not that there is “no such thing as matter,” but Fillmore investigated results from many sources, so that we have to take an in depth look at the statements and not just brush them off.
He was a student of Emma Curtis Hopkins and ordained by her along with Myrtle.  But being a person who would question and not just take a statement without verification, he really investigated this theory thoroughly.
The result is in the following work, and although it gets a little technical keep going for it will be very rewarding to see just a little of Charles Fillmore’s mind and perception.

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The Prayer of Jabez
by Bruce Wilkinson

The Science of Mind
by Ernest Holmes
Retail 15.95 - $7.47
Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood
by Mary Strong
We are One: A Challenge to Traditional Christianity
by Ellwood Norquist
Retail 12.95 - $6.47

I Am The Way
by Jack and Cornelia Addington




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