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ECH An Appreciation

Rev. Rogers' extensive knowledge and research has produced accurate and verified information on Emma's life and works in:
Emma Curtis Hopkins:
An Appreciation For Her Students

"The book is a gold mine!"
said Rev. Dr. Robert Winterhalter.

ONLY $25.00 plus shipping.
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Rev. Rogers produced this DVD for a conference held in Florida in 2011. So many people asked for copies we have produced it for sale here for $10

Intro to Emma


Rev. P Joanna Rogers Publications

Dimensions of your being

Dimensions of Your Being

A book of essays, October 1994 -October 1999,
written by Rev. P. Joanna Rogers after much urging by her students. 
(updated in 2012)

$8.00 each

Rev. Rogers' Seminar Notes: Judgment Series and Student book with study questions - $10.00 (hard copy) PDF version $4.99

This is a companion for:Judgment Series in Spiritual Science by Emma Curtis Hopkins
This work appears to be Emma's platform notes so it is best used as a study work to get to what she might have expounded upon. $15.00 (hard copy) PDF version $7.99


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