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"Dimensions of Your Being"
A book of essays, October 1994 - October 1999, written by Rev. P. Joanna Rogers after much urging by her students. 

Class Notes Available 
Emma Curtis Hopkins - Lessons in Christian Science (Original unedited manuscript reproduction, which became badly edited later by Elizabeth Bogart as Class Lessons 1888)

Emma Curtis Hopkins - Scientific Christian Mental Practices – compiled by her students from their class notes, not written by Emma Curtis Hopkins herself (discovered early edition in progress of publication)

Emma Curtis Hopkins - Judgment Series in Spiritual Science

The Gospel According to Thomas - Seminar and Class Notes on the sayings only of Jesus plus the social and political climate of those times

Class material that will become available soon

Roots of Religion - From 100,000 BC to 500 BC
Roots of New Thought - From Swedenborg to present day
Hidden Bible Secrets - Following the secret pattern throughout the Old Testament Books 
Revelation - In the Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls as you have never heard it before

Teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins
Note: numbered in the preferred order of study
1. Lessons in Christian Science - (Original unedited manuscripts given at the Seminary)
2. Scientific Christian Mental Practices (an earlier version is in progress)
3. Judgment Series in Spiritual Science – discussing the Scriptures of the various religions
4. Studies in High Mysticism (from the original single 12 chapters first published in 1892)
5. Esoteric Philosophy in Spiritual Science
6. The Gospel Series
7. The Sunday Lessons - Bible Interpretations Series from 1891-1893 - Volume I on CD
8. The Sunday Lessons - Bible Interpretations Series from 1893-1894 - Volume II on CD

We dedicate the publishing of Emma Curtis Hopkins works to -
Rev. Marge Flotron, Ministry of Truth International. Not only by continuing the publishing she began, but to also including manuscripts she gave to Rev. Rogers to publish.

Additionally with the research and support of The International New Thought Alliance, Addington Archives and Research Center, who have supplied so much more material on the works given by Emma Curtis Hopkins, http://newthoughtalliance.com/archives.htm

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