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Due to the intensive research into the life of Emma Curtis Hopkins this website is being revamped to include some of the results of that research. 

We have found that our earlier research on the Ancient Religions and History of New Thought bears on the  subsequent areas of influence on Primitive Christianity, quoted so much by Swedenborg, Warren Felt Evans and Emma Cutis Hopkins.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes, the Sages and Philosophers of ancient times also had an influence on New Thought, as evidenced by the incredible number of them that are quoted in Emma’s works.

There is much further research to be undertaken in this area. As we discover more you will find new tabs to the left with more and more information. We have even branched out to developing a new website, "New Thought Church History" as a place to preserve the history of New Thought Churches and their teachers.

Welcome to the exploration and revelation of New Thought.


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